The Winter Edit: 8 Products for Keeping Cute and Cosy

May 08, 2018

The Winter Edit: 8 Products for Keeping Cute and Cosy

The days are getting cooler, and that can make things a bit tricky with a baby. Are they warm enough? Too hot? Are their hands cold? Feet cold? Is their nose cold? OK we don't have anything for keeping noses warm, but we do have some lovely winter baby gear and products arriving in store lately! Here are my picks

1. Heirloom Merino Baby Blanket

 Heirloom Baby Vintage Inspired Merino Baby Shawl - Soft Grey

My neighbour gave us one of these blankets when Remi was born, and it was so beautiful, I knew that I had to start selling them at Global Baby. Made in New Zealand from fine merino wool, in the most beautiful colours, they're perfect for draping over the car seat or pram, and for cuddling up in at home. We think that the soft colours are absolutely dreamy too. 

2. Lamington Socks


These socks are also made in NZ from merino wool! They'll totally keep babies tootsies warm this winter, and they won't fall down either! Available in a variety of colours and designs, Lamington socks also make a great NZ gift for sending overseas.


3. Footmuffs

These have got to be one of the best pram accessories out. Attach them to your stroller's seat by threading the harness through the holes, and it's like attaching a little sleeping bag to your stroller! This is how Europeans take their babies out when it's snowing. 

At Global Baby we have footmuffs for Mutsy, Bugaboo, and Edwards & Co strollers, and as a bonus, we've found that the Edwards & Co ones fit a lot of other brands too! On warmer days, remove its top and use the bottom as a full length liner.

4. Hats

These Indus pompom hats are just too too too cute, right! We have them in pink, and grey. Made from 100% cotton, and lined with cotton terry towelling, they'll be good for winter and spring!

5. Little Flock of Horrors Game Changer Sleep Sack

Little Flock of Horrors Game Changer Sleepsack

We just love these fun 100% merino wool sleep sacks from one of our fave kiwi brands, Little Flock of Horrors. Guaranteed to keep baby cute and comfy when the temperature drops. Layer merino clothing underneath for even cooler nights.


6. Pretty Brave Hi Tops

Pretty Brave High Tops

It's like your mum used to say 'those canvas sneakers won't keep your feet warm, you need leather shoes on cold days'. Well my mum used to say that anyway! These cool leather hi-tops from Pretty Brave will keep little feet toasty! They have leather soles so they're great for new walkers, and thy come in a range of modern colours that will match all of your babies outfits. 

7. Handmade in Epsom Baby Bonnets

We designed these and had them made locally from merino wool, and we just love them! The chin strap keeps the bonnet in place, and they're super cute. Just look at that cute baby!


8. Merino wool clothing from Little Flock of Horrors


We're loving the range from LFOH this winter, especially the gorgeous pink Luna Bodysuit. There is just so much to love about merino wool, it's warm, washes easily, keeps its shape, and it smells good! 


 Keep cosy team! The temperature is about to drop even further.







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